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*LKK No Excuse cover

In this 4 hour seminar, Linnea offers ideas how to select unusual images and avoid common stereotypes. Wolf teaches you how to achieve your vision by reviewing the variables that affect the photo and how to control them in order to achieve the desired selective focus, depth of field, highlights, etc. Together, they will help you become a better photographer.

See with an Artist's Eye

*Capturing Wildlife cover

This 4 hour seminar is a unique presentation covering art, expression and the essential aspects of digital photography technology. Wolf focuses on developing a basic understanding of necessary camera settings to obtain great photos of moving wildlife and flying birds. He then reviews special equipment appropriate for wildlife photography.

Capturing Birds & Other Wildlife with Your Camera

Travel Photography cover

This workshop provides an overview of the essential aspects of digital photography. The first part of the seminar focuses on reviewing what is necessary to achieve the artistic vision and expression to turn ordinary snapshots into great photos. Part 2 of the workshop will take the participant on a journey of how to select unusual images and avoid common stereotypes via real examples. The simple techniques presented will help you return from your travels with wonderful mementos worthy of sharing with fellow travelers, family and friends.

Taking Great Travel Photos

*WHK No Excuse cover 3&4-part

Expanding on the two individual seminars above, we have developed 3-session and 4-session courses (2.5 hours per session) which will cover the important topics in greater detail. Both courses may be offered jointly, with Session 4 as an optional session covering wildlife and bird photography.

There Is No Excuse for Bad Photos (3-part)
There Is No Excuse for Bad Photos (4-part)

Winter is for the Birds Bosque cover

Join Wolf and Linnea on their trips to photograph the sandhill cranes, and a variety of ducks and geese that call the Bosque del Apache area their winter home.

Winter Is for the Birds

Winter is for the Birds CR cover

Take a trip to the tropics with Wolf and Linnea as they explore the rainforest and cloud forest in search of exotic birds and animals.

Winter Is for the Birds Costa Rica Edition

 Winter is for the Birds St. August cover

Join Wolf & Linnea on a trip to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, a facility that represents a very unique symbiotic relationship between amphibians and wading birds: thousands of native herons, egrets, spoonbills, and wood storks seek the security of the Alligator Swamp to roost and raise their young.

Winter Is for the Birds St. Augustine Edition